• Regina Poblete

    Stott Pilates has 5 basic principles that they follow, Breathing, Pelvic placement, ribcage placement, scapula stabilization and cervical placement. The exercises are done safely with the great knowledge of Anatomy.Lindsey Merithew It’s very hard to get Stott Certification. I’m proud to be Stott Certified and I currently have Mat and Reformer level 1 certificate( essential and Intermediate). I’m still studying and will be getting the Cadillac,Chair&Barrel soon with the level 2 mat and reformer (advance). Then after that I will take ISP (Injuries and Special Populations).

    The first Reformer and chair was made during the WW1 by Mr. Joseph Pilates himself. He trained injured men from the war. He used the springs from the bed and connected it on the headboard/footboard and used these springs as tensions for People to work on for rehabilitation. After the war, 100% of the people from his barracks recovered fast from his teachings and supervision.

    Stott Pilates was founded by Lindsey and Moira Merrithew. ( www.merrithew.com )

    A Stott reformer is a machine with 5 springs to work on. There are a lot of ways of using the reformer. Laying down exercises, kneeling exercises, on the box exercises and etc… With incorporating the 5 basic principles the exercises are done from essential, intermediate and then advance. The Stott chair is a machine that uses a lot of vertical & lateral exercises such as sitting, standing& side laying. We also incorporate the 5 basic principles in each and every exercises.

    A Stott Mat class consists of a mat with some props such as flex bands, rings, toning balls and etc…

    Both machines and Mat can be taught individually and in group classes.